Are Your Marketing Tools in Order?

We want to help you!


Your website is your front door, it must look polished and professional. No broken windows. Optimized for your audience and search engines.

Not sure if your website is up to par. We can provide an audit and of course spruce it up too. Or if you’re starting from scratch, even better.

Our websites range from basic to custom. You dream it, we’ll get it on the internet, and meet your bottom line.

And we will never, ever desert you like your last web designer/developer.  Personal one on one attention, from the big kahuna. Added value, over delivery, are mantras we live by.

To see some website examples, click here, or see below.


Is your collateral in order? Business cards, stationary, logo, brochure, catalog, we’ve done it. Starting a new business, let us create award winning branding. Check out our portfolio to be sure. Or see some examples below.


You have a graphic designer (your daughter), web developer (your brother-in-law), media buyer (neighbor), printer (you get the picture) and none of them know what each other is doing. They’re operating in silos. Who’s manning the ship? An overall strategic and cohesive marketing plan will keep everybody on track. And you can sleep at night. Want to learn more? Email me.

Ready to get started on your project?

Lippi & Co. has been delivering Diamond Springs quality creative for over ten years. From logo design to full scale ad campaigns Larry and his team have always delivered top shelf work. I’m always proud when I open a publication that we are advertising in because I know we have the best looking ad in there! It makes me want to have a bumper sticker on my car that reads “My advertising company can kick your advertising company’s butt!”

Marty Conte

President, Diamond Springs Carolina